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Which Australian Visa to Get and How to Get It

An Australia visa does not guarantee entry, that decision remains the right of the Australian immigration officials.

The immigration laws of most countries do not have provision for appeal.

Some countries ask visitors to present return tickets and evidence of funds sufficient to cover the intended stay. Others have compulsory currency exchange regulations on entry.

Some refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with requirements regarding general appearance and clothing, or visitors who are HIV positive.

Anyone travelling to Australia from anywhere overseas must have a current Australia travel visa or a visa to Australia.

There are several different types of Australia travel visa available to travellers and the visa you apply for must reflect the purpose of your visit.

Below you’ll find a list of the most requested types of Australia travel visa followed by a short description of the purpose for that visa.

If you would like more information just click the various links and you’ll find what you need.

Australia Tourist Visa.

Visas for people who are travelling to Australia for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes.

Working Holiday Makers Visa.

a Visa to Australia for people aged between 18 and 30 from arrangement countries to have an extended holiday in Australia supplemented by short-term employment.

Australia Business Visa.

Visas for people who are travelling to Australia for a business-related visit. Also for people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business, or invest in Australia.

Students and Trainees Visa.

A Visa to Australia for people to study in Australia or undertake workplace based training and professional development programs in Australia.

Workers Visa.

Visas for skilled workers who have qualifications and/or experience in particular occupations required in Australia.

Special Activities Visa.

A Visa to Australia for people who are travelling to Australia to participate in specific professional, cultural or social activities, or to receive medical treatment.

Transiting Through Australia Visa.

Visa information for people transiting through Australia for 72 hours or less.

Event Organisers and Participants Visa.

Visa requirements assistance for event organisers and participants when travelling to Australia for conferences, meetings and special events.

Australia travel visas are available from Australian visa offices such as Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates.

They are also available from travel agents and airlines in certain countries.

Please note that:

  • Airlines may refuse to allow travellers without valid visas and passports to board their aircraft;
  • It is recommended that intending visitors first obtain a visa before purchasing airline tickets or entering into any other financial commitments dependent upon entry to Australia;
  • Visitors are subject to visa requirements while in Australia; and
  • Tourists are not allowed to work during their visit to Australia.

People who want to work need to apply to an Australian visa office for a temporary residence visa.

Penalties apply for people who breach work conditions.

Getting an Australian Visa:

Visit Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

You can phone them on their National telephone inquiry line: 131 881

Australia Travel Visa Fees:

For information on Australia travel visa Fees, please visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website.

Visa expiry:

Don’t overstay your visa!

If your Australia travel visa is about to expire, you should leave Australia or seek advice from a Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs office.

Serious penalties apply for people who have an expired Australia travel visa.

This information has been sourced primarily from the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website and should serve as a guide only.

For up to date information on your Visa to Australia and information on Immigration, please visit the nearest Immigration office, or the Department’s Website.

Visas for Australians travelling overseas:

Only the countries you plan to visit can provide up-to-date information about their visa requirements.

  • Contact the nearest embassy or consulateof the country you intend to visit, well in advance of travel.
  • Be sure that you obtain all appropriate visas, including transit visas where these are required.

Make sure you provide all required information when applying for visas.

Do the right thing and you won’t have a problem and you’ll then really be able to………….enjoy.